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When it comes to selling your home, David Dypsky has a unique talent for bringing Buyers and Sellers together. He listens to what a Seller desires and what a Buyer wants.

David understands the local market. He’ll tell you what your house will really sell for. And he’ll do his best to get you your price. He believes in the creed, “If you ask a fair price, you’ll get a fair offer.”

When selling your home, there are tips and common practices that help a Buyer see your home’s potential.

Showing Tips

  1. Keep the windows clean and the drapes pulled back as far as possible.
  2. Pay special attention to the presentation of bathrooms and the kitchen.
  3. Keep pets and litter boxes out of the house for the showing when possible. Don't loose a buyer because they are allergic.
  4. Clean and organize closets. Cluttered closets look smaller and less functional.
  5. Be aware of the way your home has developed a particular aroma. Place pot pour re in areas that need it.
  6. Keep all refuse in sealed trash containers outside the living quarters.

Security Tips

  1. Valuables should be taken out of view and secured appropriately.
  2. If your pets are in the house be sure to leave appropriate signage indicating that doors must be closed.
  3. Remove keys from view no matter what their purpose.
  4. Don't let anyone in your home unless the showing has been scheduled.

Behavioral Tips

  1. Never be home when your house is being seen by a buyer.
  2. If you are home do not interject in the sales persons presentation. You will be perceived as desperate and any offer will be discounted accordingly.
  3. Be friendly but distant. People want to closely inspect and are less likely to do so if the seller is home.

Negotiating Tips

  1. Ask a fair price and accept a fair offer.
  2. Be sure to get a pre-qualification letter from the buyers lender before signing their contract.
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